Cage Fury Fighting Championships 55 Plinio Cruz Wins by Decision (Unanimous Decision)
“Former CFFC heavyweight champion Plinio Cruz (8-6) got back on track after losing his title to Azunna Anyanwu last July, as he outlasted Joe Stripling (8-9) to take home a unanimous decision in the co-main event.”

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Cage Fury Fighting Championships is an American mixed martial arts promotion. Founded by Felix and Amy Martinez, it promoted in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The last-minute cancellation of its sixth event in 2007 signaled its temporary demise; however, it resurfaced nearly four years later. CFFC featured many Ultimate Fighting Championship veterans, including fight commentator Dan Severn, as well as appearances by Evan Tanner, Kimbo Slice, Frank Shamrock, and Homer Moore. A number of former champions have appeared or currently appear in the UFC.


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